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Loysville Youth Development Center

Service Area

Perry County


10 Opportunity DR
Loysville, pa, 17047


Loysville Youth Development Center (LYDC) provides programming for adjudicated delinquent males. It is located in Perry County, approximately 34 miles northwest of Harrisburg. Each of its living areas is designated for a specific client need. The facility utilizes a Stages of Change approach that emphasizes the importance of therapeutic relationshipsired with the use of effective treatments matched to the youth's readiness for change. Specific programs are available to address youth with serious emotional disturbance (STAR Cottage), young and immature youth (Allegheny Cottage), youth with lower cognitive functioning (Williams Cottage), youth with serious substance abuse issues (ZB Cottage), youth in need of educational remediation (Juniata Cottage), youth who are in need of more structure (East Penn Cottage), and youth who have more serious violent delinquent histories that require a secure environment (LSTU).