Tips and Hints for Children, Youth and Families

Tips for Parents or Caregivers

This system can be complicated, and can be difficult to remember everything. Get a notebook to keep track of everything that is happening.
Your notebook should have four sections:
One section for phone calls that are made to you or the calls you make. Write down the date, who you talked to, what you talked about, and what you were told.
One section for “action taken’ write down what happened, the date, and who you spoke to.
One section for questions. Write down all the questions you have and then write the dates and times and who you spoke to when your questions are answered.
One section for contacts. This should have people’s business cards, the dates you met them and where you met them at.
You should also have a folder or binder where you keep all the important documents you have all in one place.


Tips for Visitation

Confirm the time for the visit the day before;
Arrive a few minutes early;
Bring a few of your child’s favorite toys, books, games, crayons and paper;
Bring healthy snacks, such as fruit, crackers, rice cakes, cheese sticks, juice;
Plan fun activities that will allow you to laugh with your child, be silly and most important enjoy your time together;
If your visit is near your child’s birthday, bring a special card/ and or gift or a special treat if you can;
You will be sad, but put on a happy face for your child. Try your best to make the visit a good experience;.
Stay calm when visiting your child;
Don’t talk about what is happening with your case;
Be honest with your child. It is ok to say “I don’t know”.


Tips for working with caseworkers.

Make sure you have caseworker’s address and phone number. Find out if your caseworker has a day of the week that they are at the office, this will be the easiest day to reach your caseworker by phone.
If you are having trouble reaching your caseworker or getting your calls returned, start keeping track of what date and time you called, if you left a message, if you left a message with another person ask their name so you can document it. Call your caseworker’s supervisor.
Share important information about your child with your caseworker, routines, medical history, school information.
Be involved with the writing of your service plan.
Make sure your caseworker receives the information that you are involved in the services offered to you.
If there is something that you have been required to do that is not realistic ask your caseworker to make another plan with you.
Keep all appointments that you have made. If you are not able to get to the appointment or not make the time the appointment is scheduled for, please be sure to call your caseworker or the caseworker’s supervisor and leave a message if they are not in, write down the time, date and who you left the message with.
Ask how visitation with your child will happen and go to your scheduled visitations, always call ahead to confirm your visit.
Ask for visits, supervised or unsupervised.
Tell your lawyer if your caseworker or supervisor does not answer your phone calls or if there are any other problems.