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Pennsylvania Birth Certificate Fee Waived for Homeless Individuals


Pennsylvania  Birth Certificate Fee Waived for Homeless Individuals

Please see the information below about some excellent news that may impact the consumers you are working with.  Pennsylvania birth certificate fees are now waived for individuals experiencing homelessness.  The email below also shares the links to the application.

Governor Wolf announced today that the $20 fee for a birth certificate in Pennsylvania will be waived for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Here’s a brief news article on it:

It appears the form is already available online here: https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/Documents/Certificates%20and%20Records/Application%20for%20Birth%20Certificate%20with%20Fees%20Waived%20for%20Individual%20Who%20is%20Experiencing%20Homelessness.pdf

This page will list all of the forms for the Division of Vital Records at the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
There is also a “fees waived” application for those with an opioid disorder if that meets your organization’s needs.

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