Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP)

Mission Statement:

To assist, collaborate, and partner with Services, and agencies at the lowest level possible in order to provide Service members, Veterans, and Family members with informational events and activities, referrals, and proactive outreach services throughout the phases of deployment or mobilization.

Program Vision:

Provide quality Joint deployment support and reintegration services to all Service members, and their Families effectively, efficiently, and as close to their homes as possible, ensuring they are informed, and self sufficient, thus enabling them to sustain the rigors associated with deployment or mobilization.

Your Readiness is Our Mission
The National Guard Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program is a legislatively mandated program designed to provide information, services, referrals, and proactive outreach programs to Service Members and Families of the National Guard and Reserves throughout all phases of the deployment cycle . We accomplish this through Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events, held in every state so you can attend as close to home as possible.

If you’re a member of the National Guard, attendance at Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events is mandatory to ensure you and your Family benefit from the resources available to you. It’s not just about getting through deployment – it’s about reducing the stress of transitioning into and out of each deployment phase, supporting your reintegration, and meeting the unique challenges that National Guard Service Members and Families face by connecting you with your local support community.

How We Help
We work with our Federal partners (including Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs and the Small Business Administration) and local service providers (such as Veteran Service organizations and the American Red Cross), to help Service Members and their Families navigate through the numerous Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and State systems. We provide assistance with a variety of entitlement subjects and issues including:

What's In It for Me?

For Service Members, Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events provide a unique opportunity to commune with your unit and find support among peers who will also share the deployment experience. Most events involve group sessions and offer the chance to speak one-on-one with service providers, giving you immediate access to professionals who can help answer some big questions like:

  • What will happen to my job while I’m gone?
  • How can my Family and I manage our finances while I’m away?
  • What benefits am I entitled to when I return?
  • Who will help my spouse look after our children?
  • What about health care?

Attending a Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event can be the best way to equip your Family for the changes ahead and prepare you for the future. Click here for more details about our events

About Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Events
Head off deployment stress and uncertainty by attending a local Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event. All National Guard and Reserve Components hold events and activities to give you and your loved ones valuable information on benefits, services, and resources that are available before, during and after the deployment.

Did you know...

  • National Guard mandates its members to attend, and Family members are strongly encouraged to attend as well. Even children can participate in events where childcare and Child & Youth programs are provided.
  • If your chain of command approves, you may attend another Unit or Service Component’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program event if your unit’s event is too far away. Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program events provide the same information regardless of the Service Component or unit affiliation. To attend another unit’s event, ask your chain of command for permission and register for the event near you.
  • Your Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Event Coordinator and unit Command has the most up-to-date and accurate information about the program and its benefits. You can find your local Event Coordinator on the JSS Resource Finder.

Youth Services


The Child and Youth Program (CYP) is an integral component of the National Guard’s comprehensive approach to Family Readiness. By upholding the well-being of the entire family, the CYP offers outcome based activities designed to foster positive youth development and support the unique strengths and challenges of National Guard children. This high quality, out-of-school time program exists in 54 States, Territories and the District of Columbia to mitigate risky behaviors, enhance resilience, develop positive coping strategies, and assist our National Guard youth in reaching their full potential as the next generation of leaders.

Age-appropriate activities and support services are offered in four service delivery areas:

  • Art, Recreation & Leisure
  • Sports, Fitness & Health
  • Life Skills, Citizenship, Character Development & Leadership
  • Academic Support, Career Development, Mentoring & Intervention

Mission Statement:

“To promote and sustain the quality of life and resilience of NG children and youth by providing secure, timely, flexible, high-quality support services and enrichment programs.”

The CYP is available to school age dependents, ages 6 to 18 years, of National Guard Soldiers and Airmen, regardless of deployment status (including traditional drilling Guardsmen), Survivors, and Active Component Soldiers and Airmen geographically-separated from installation-based program support. While child care type services are not offered within the core program, resources for assistance are available.

Core Program Elements:


  • Guard Teen Panel
  • National Youth Symposium

State Program:

  • State Teen Panel (STP)
  • State Youth Symposium (SYS)
  • Youth Development Programming
  • State Opportunities & Military Youth Adventure Camps
  • Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) Support

For more information on the National Guard CYP, please contact the Program Manager at 703.607.5409.

To find out about upcoming events, activities and resources in your area contact your Child & Youth Program Coordinator

For child care assistance and verification of eligibility, please contact Child Care Aware of America (CCAA, formerly NACCRRA) at 1-800-424-2246 or


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