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Trauma Train the Trainer Course from Lakeside Global, Inc January 6, 2022

Date: December 08, 2021
January 06, 2022: 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Trauma Train the Trainer Course from Lakeside Global, Inc January 6, 2022

The PA Care Partnership will begin our next Lakeside Global, Inc. Trauma Train the Trainer Course to deliver Trauma Workshops, which will start on

January 6, 2022.

Classes will be live via zoom platform for 2.5 hours every other week
– a total of 16 classes (Between January 2021 and August 2022).

These courses will allow you to provide Trauma 101 and Trauma 102 Workshops upon completing the Enhancing Trauma Awareness and the Trauma Train the Trainer.

To apply for a seat in the courses, please participate in the following survey to apply for a spot in training.
Applications will close on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

Course Dates and Times:

Enhancing Trauma Awareness G2050Sp20 | 9:00-11:30 AM (15 Hour Course)

S01: January 6, 2022
S02: January 20, 2022
S03: February 3, 2022
S04: February 17, 2022
S05: March 3, 2022
S06: March 17, 2022

Train the Trainers G550Su20 | 9:00-11:30 AM (25-hour course).

S01: March 31, 2022
S02: April 14, 2022
S03: April 28, 2022
S04: May 12, 2022
S05: May 26, 2022
S06: June 9, 2022
S07: June 23, 2022
S08: July 7, 2022
S09: July 21, 2022
S10: August 4, 2022

Enhancing Trauma Awareness Description:

Enhancing Trauma Awareness is a course designed to introduce
information, concepts, approaches, principles, and skills surrounding trauma easy-to-understand and apply manner.

Providing a rich and sophisticated exploration on the subject of trauma with an emphasis on encouraging professionals to become highly sensitive regarding the nature of trauma is foundational to becoming trauma-informed.

The new research on trauma provides us with startling statistics and critical information about the devastating effects of both simple and complex trauma.

Because of the profound effects and implications of trauma, especially in childhood, and the fact that trauma often is trans-generational, it is essential for all educators and human service professionals to be highly trauma aware and equipped to educate about the nature of trauma.

▪ This course is for anyone - those with little exposure to trauma information to experienced practitioners who want to:

▪ Be nurtured and challenged to grow

▪ Learn new ways to apply information, concepts, approaches, principles, and skills

▪ Enhance and enrich pre-established processes and protocols surrounding trauma

Train the Trainers Leadership Description:

Participants who meet course requirements would be certified by Lakeside Global Institute as Adjunct Trainers with authorization to present licensed Lakeside Global Institute 2-hour workshops.
Adjunct Trainers are also equipped to facilitate small group discussions.

LGI’s Train the Trainers Leadership course applies the same approaches and techniques provided in the course content.
Participants can expect LGI trainers to maintain a high level of integrity concerning group leadership, management, and facilitation processes.

By attending this course, participants can expect to:

▪ Grow in awareness and understanding of groups and group processes

▪ Identify roles and responsibilities of group leaders

▪ Employ key skills to manage and facilitate groups intentionally

▪ Become clearer about specific information, concepts, approaches, principles, and skills (ICAPS) that can enhance the probability that groups will be successful

▪ Increase levels of confidence and satisfaction in being group facilitators

▪ Develop increased degrees of healthy, relational outward behaviors (intentionality with body language, facial expressions, and voice tone)

▪ Demonstrate abilities to communicate appropriately, sensitively, and effectively

▪ Maintain relational integrity with others

▪ Discover skills to engage, nurture and be attuned to group participants

▪ Practice strong problem-solving abilities


Mark B. Durgin
Director, PA CARE Partnership
Coach and Coach Approach to Adaptive Leadership Trainer
Work cell/text: (717) 678-9166

Primary Email:

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