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LGI’s Trauma-Awareness Certification in Early Childhood Education April 23 - June 11 2024

LGI’s Trauma-Awareness Certification in Early Childhood Education April 23 - June 11 2024

Date: April 23, 2024
April 30, 2024: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
May 14, 2024: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
May 21, 2024: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
June 04, 2024: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
June 11, 2024: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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LGI’s Trauma-Awareness Certification in Early Childhood Education

This 9-hour, 3-part training series bridges the gap between trauma-informed care principles and practical applications in early care and education (ECE) settings. It examines the prevalence and impact of stress and trauma on development and mental health and makes trauma-informed care actionable and accessible for childcare providers.

This program offers three monthly workshops, each lasting two hours, followed by a debrief session a week later.

Debrief Sessions are reflective practice opportunities to engage peers in the process of learning, understanding, and applying new information.
To earn PQAS credit for each workshop, attendance at Debrief Sessions is required.

Training Delivery Method
This training series is co-facilitated and provided virtually (facilitated live via a web-based platform). LGI currently utilizes Zoom for virtual training.

Topics Covered
• Values and Expectations of Trauma-Informed ECE Staff and Programs
• Covid-19’s Impact on Child Development and ECE Sector
• Main findings of ACE Study, Basic Brain parts and their Function
• Challenging Behavior Insights and Strategies
• Culturally Responsive Self-Care and Wellness
• Reflective Practice Concepts and Skill Building

Total Cost (9 hours): $155 per person.
Limited scholarships are available. During the final step of registration, you can choose your payment method (self or employer) or request a scholarship application. The scholarship application deadline is April 1, 2024.

Training Series Dates & Times (all times are EST)
Trauma 111 • April 23, 2024 • 6:30-8:30 PM
Debrief Session • April 30, 2024 • 6:30-7:30 PM

Trauma 112 • May 14, 2024 • 6:30-8:30 PM
Debrief Session • May 21, 2024 • 6:30-7:30 PM

Trauma 113 • June 4, 2024 • 6:30-8:30 PM
Debrief Session • June 11, 2024 • 6:30-7:30 PM

LGI Trauma Awareness Certification Requirements

Attendance at all three trainings and debrief sessions.
If a participant misses a Debrief Session, make-up Debrief Sessions will be offered.
Upon the completion of the Trauma Awareness series, participants notify LGI that they have either updated their self-care plan or created one.

PQAS Credit: Hours are awarded for the completion of each training and debrief session at the end of the series.

What is Lakeside Global Institute's Early Childhood Trauma Initiative?
Lakeside Global Institute's Early Childhood Trauma Initiative provides a practical and systematic approach for early childhood education programs and staff to become trauma-informed.

LGI’s framework includes three levels of growth, from Trauma-Awareness to Trauma-Responsive, to Trauma-Competent.
These efforts aim to help childcare providers create a more supportive and trauma-informed environment for children, families, and staff.

Who should take this training?

Early Childhood Education Staff:
This includes both direct caregivers (teachers, assistants) and indirect support staff (administrators, kitchen staff) working with children ages 0-5 in childcare settings.

Early Childhood Coaches and Mentors

Early Intervention & Mental Health Professionals: This includes professionals who provide support services to children within childcare settings.

Parents: Parents of children enrolled in early childhood education programs are welcome to attend.

What training is being offered?
Trauma-Awareness Certification series (Level 1) begins Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

Do I have to attend all sessions?
Yes, attendance is required for the two-hour trauma workshops. However, if you miss a Debrief Session, we offer make-up sessions.
For any of the missed workshops, opportunities to catch up may be available when the series is offered again (scheduled date to be announced).

What is the total cost of the Trauma Awareness Certification?
The total cost for the 9-hour certification is $155 per person.

How many people will be in the training cohort?
The training will have a maximum of 50 participants.
This allows us to ensure that all participants can engage with peers in small and large group discussions and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Is there financial assistance?
We understand that not everyone has access to professional development funding. To help with this, we offer a limited number of scholarships for those who need support. During the final step of registration, you can choose your payment method and request a scholarship application. Scholarship application deadline: April 1, 2024.

As an employer, how can I register multiple staff from my organization?
Contact Suzanne O’Connor for instructions ( or (215-654-9414 x1429).

How is the training delivered?
The training series is provided virtually and facilitated live via a web-based platform. Lakeside Global Institute currently utilizes Zoom for virtual training. Before the series starts, you will receive an email with the link and additional participant information.

Please reach out to
Suzanne O’Connor
Director of Trauma-Informed Early Childhood Education
by replying to this announcement or calling 215-654-9414 x1429
1350 Welsh Road Suite 400 19454 North Wales US

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